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"Live life in peace and enjoy what you love. Seek the good things that make you happy. Listen to the people and music that make you smile. What it is that inspires you to sing, laugh and dance. Tune out what doesn’t, and the negative people along the way. They’ll always be there. That energy is a waste of time. Life is too short to allow a second of it to slip away that’s not enjoyed." -Christina Aguilera ♥

Artist: Eddie Santiago

Que Locura Enamorarme de Ti | Eddie Santiago 

Artist: The Maine


Ugly On The Inside // The Maine


i am the shyest attention whore ever

Artist: The Maine

Ice Cave - The Maine

Anonymous: oh my gawd stop being such a beautiful human being i can't handle it <3

you’re too kind sweetie pie x

I spent my entire childhood/adolescence with the firm belief that I wouldn’t have sex until I was in love. My first time would be special. I watched all my friends lose their virginities and move on to different partners and I waited and waited and waited for the right person to come along. And then he did but we couldn’t be together so I waited more. Happily! So sure that it would be worth the wait! Convinced no one else would do!
And then, after so many years of patience, it was taken from me. In an awful, traumatizing way that I will never be able to get over. I have to live with that night for the rest of my life. I have to walk around knowing I’m tainted forever.
I feel robbed. I ask myself everyday what I did to deserve it. I go over every detail. Did I ask for it? How did I miss the signs? Was there any way for me to escape? Why didn’t I fight harder? Why didn’t I scream??
Every time I’ve had sex since I hope it will cancel out the feeling of worthlessness I’ve carried around. But each experience just adds to the self-loathing.
I hate myself.

Was taking a break from sugaring and a new POT just dropped into my lap and I’m back in business 😎